Monday, October 5, 2009

... our second week of mis-representation in the media.

In light of watching NBC's "Trauma" for the second week (thanks to, we've decided to officially start listing the rules for the drinking game.

(disclaimer: I do not encourage or condone drinking to excess, yada yada yada. Know your limits and be smart about it, but this show doesn't do anything to help...)

Drinking Rules for NBC's "Trauma"
  • one-handed CPR
  • breaking protocol (medical)
  • breaking standard operating guidelines
  • any ethically questionable choice
  • unsafely driving ambulance or flying helicopter
  • sex anywhere where a dead person has been (ambulance, hospital bed, chopper, etc...)
  • entering when scene isn't safe (or failing to retreat when it becomes unsafe)
  • stethoscope backwards in the ears ("Nurse Jackie" is guilty of this too)
  • washing gloves... ???!!! (S01E02, just before Kid + Rabbit cutesy scene)
  • touching your face with gloves on (Rabbit, I'm looking at you! You put your finger in your mouth in S01E01)
  • stupid EMS games (darts with syringes?)
  • unprofessional talking down to a medic in the middle of an active scene
  • loss of control of C-spine (throwing the stretcher into the heli and watching the pt jump 6")
  • use the word "ambulance driver"
Who's with us next time? We may need an ambulance sooner rather than later, if NBC doesn't start listening to their consultants...


  1. Not securing an intubated airway, take a drink.

  2. You know I feel the same way about FlashForward. It's like they're completely ignoring their temporal mechanics consultant.

    I got news for you, it's fiction, it's dramatized, they make shit up. If they were 100 per cent accurate it would be a very boring show. Take CSI for example, they portray the investigators and forensic specialists as one in the same, however in our universe they're not, in fact if they were it would be very problematic.

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