Tuesday, September 29, 2009

... the temptation to write "FIRST!!!11!``1!" is overwhelming.

Hey all. A little history about me first;

I took 4 years of Theatre Production studies, and managed a theatre's (think; shakespeare, not hollywood) technical operations for 2 years. During these 6 years, I helped start a Campus EMS Squad at one of the few Canadian Universities left to have one. I moved my way up from not even having my CPR/First-Aid to being a First Responder (EFR/EMFR) through to being an Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) and even added a Symptom Relief Drug (SR-P) Certification to my knowledge. I've been doing standby medical coverage at events for most of this time, and a few on-call shifts here and there. Lots of fun, and always interesting, clues to understand & interpret to do my job (albeit volunteer) well.

Fast forward to the spring of 2009; I realised it was time for me to start laying down the bricks for a successful career, and I realised I needed to make a tough decision. Stick with theatre, or take my volunteer EMS experience to the next level. I decided to take a gamble, drop my entire life in Toronto, and make the move up north to a remote mining community where they have a small college with a good teacher to student ratio (8:1), and a reputation of good instructors.

This blog will try to share some of what I learn every day, and tell some of the entertaining stories along the way to me getting to my Career goals, as they come!

Excuse my writing at first... this is my first step back into having a blog in a long time. Ages ago, it was "livejournal", wordpress during my thesis and in a certain way, twitter and facebook have been used to document my life for a while.

I'd like to take a step back into that, and more than share my life, share the things that I've learned each day, so that maybe if you haven't come across something new in your day yet, you can learn something new here.

Sound good? Alright, let's go!


  1. Welcome to the medical/EMS blogosphere, my friend. Looking forward to your future posts. Put up a few more and I may just blogroll you. :)

  2. I've been following your tweets for a short time and I'm so happy you have started this blog. Been wondering what you were doing in the Nickel City. Now I know.

    Consider yourself followed and for what it is worth you will be on my blogroll.